My Mind IS the Power..

The power to fly.

I’d drift away, for my mind needs it more than what my body calls for. A small escape, a distance far enough for rejuvenation.

If I could fly,

I’d soar to the clouds and gently rest there to stare up at the millions of diamonds shining against its onyx partner.

The power to fly,

would give me a view so precious it’d reward me with more life than any breath this soul could take.

With the power to fly,

I’d escape towards the heavens and sleep until awoken by the rebirth of the sun’s warm kiss, just then realizing I’ve always had this power to fly.

Then with the power to fly,

I’d swiftly drift right back down to Earth, unconcerned with its reality because if ever needed, deep within, I know I have

The power to fly.